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I’ve always been into drinking good beer, and trying different brews, so I naturally got attracted to home brewing. My first home brewing experience was with a Mr. Beer kit in 2008, granted not the most robust extravagant way to brew but it is great for the novice or as an into into the process. After that I started getting into the home brewing idea and made a few other batches and some cider here and there, but had to put the idea away after deploying to Afghanistan for a few years. Once I got back I purchased some better / more equipment and really started to crank out the brews. I usually have about 3 ~ 4 brews going at any given time and 7 taps I can have occupied at any time. I’ve also got into making home made sodas and sometimes have those on draft as well.

I think the biggest driver that got me into home brewing is being able to make beers that are not readily available and making ones that are fun and exciting. Not to say I don’t brew the run of the mill stuff here and there but I enjoy the more obscure brews. I have also started to grow some of my own hops and enjoy brewing using my own ingredients and locally sourced ones.

The best thing about making my own beer is the chill time I get around the house while making it and sometimes hanging with friends and having a few. I also find it important that I know what goes into my beer versus what the big guys are putting in my beer.

Fly Fishing:

Well I’ve been activity fly fishing since I was about ten (but have been fishing since I was probably as young as two), and started while living in England. I’ve been fly fishing for browns and rainbows in the England and Salmon fishing in Scotland. Living in Maryland I’ve done both Saltwater and Freshwater; going after Rock Fish, Chad, Trout, Small Mouth, and occasional pan fish. I’ve found that I just enjoy taking a rod with me and being able to fish even if I don’t catch anything, just relaxing to be on the water.

I’ve found my favorite trips so far are Steelhead fishing in Erie Pennsylvania, Salmon Fishing in Pulaski New York, and Saltwater fly fishing in Belize! These have been great trips and have been with my favorite fishing partner (My Dad).

My Dad is the one that got me into Fly Fishing (and tying) and has always been a good teacher, I remember the days he would take me out to the field across from our house in England and have me just practice casting and throwing out little rings for me to hit. We would spend hours doing this, sometimes we still try out new rods this way and practice if we are going somewhere new (like Belize) where we have to cast long distances and have to get a new technique down.

If I have a fly rod and some good flies I can pretty much catch anything and have found it my preferred way to fish over anything else.


Well not much to say I got into blacksmithing as a hobby in 2008 and have been doing it ever sense. I use to go to shows and perform demonstrations, the bulk of my work are decorative items but looking to expanding into some blade work. I thoroughly enjoy the therapeutic action of beating hot metal and making useful or decorative items with my hands. Just fun to get away from the mundane day to day computer work that I am use to doing. I have to thank my buddy Bill for getting me into the hobby and having some good mentors like him, Paul, and Bob that gave and give good pointers on techniques and styles; every day is a new learning experience and I try to pass info and knowledge along to people that want to learn.

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