First Batch of Mead

I decided to try making a hopped mead using a blended honey must, using Clover, local Wild, and a little bit of raw along with Nugget hops and some Cascade.

After sterilizing the carboy and fermentation accessories, I setup a small pot on the stove to boil a bout 1 gallon of the must with hops for a full 60 min (similar to brewing beer). Once completed and cooled it was then strained back into the main carboy with the rest of the must. I collected a sample after thoroughly stirring and aerating the must to collect a gravity reading before adding the yeast in.

It is going to be a total of 6 month process for this mead before it hits bottles, I plan on making this a carbonated mead and bottling in Belgian style bottles that can handle the pressure.

Batch Size: 6 gallons

5 lb Local Wild Honey
12 lb Clover Honey
2 lb Raw Unfiltered Honey
5 oz Acid blend (5 tsp per gallon of must)
1.5 tbsp Gypsum (0.25 tbsp per gallon of must)
1 tsp Irish moss powder (0.15 tsp per gallon of must )
5-10 tsp Yeast nutrient (1-2 tsp per gallon of must)

Boil Ingredients:
1 oz Nugget hops ( 60 mins )
0.5 oz Nugget hops ( 30 mins )
0.5 oz Cascade hops ( 30 mins )
1.0 oz Cascade hops ( 10 mins )
5 Campden tablets
1 Gallon of Must

Yeast: 4 packets of Lalvin D-47

OG: 1.110

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