Installation of New Utility Sink

Spent some time replacing the utility sink with a double wide version and adding a backer / back-splash. This required creating framing for the back-splash and re-mapping the plumbing for the new drain outlet of the larger sink.

I attached the right side of the frame to the existing studs behind the washing machine (only place framing occurs on exterior walls in the utility room). While the left side was secured to the cement floor and the top was secured to two of the joists.

Some of the studs of the frame needed to be notched to go around some of the drain pipes.

Re-Mapping the pluming was one of the more interesting tasks, required use of 90 degree bend, additional PVC pipe, and a new P-Trap. Big thing and most important was dry fitting all plumbing before applying primer and cement. Basically make sure the plumbing all fits together first then pull apart and reassemble with primer and cement being careful to get each piece reset properly before moving on to the next.

To make a back-splash area more water resilient I painted the plywood (used as the backer) with Kilz Original and the lower portion close to the sink with a sheet of 3M Brushed Steel BR201 Scotchprint Car Wrap Vinyl Film 1080 Series. I figured it was a cheaper solution instead of buying stainless steel and if it good enough for outdoor use, in the elements, it would work fine as a back-splash.

The reason I took a lot of time securing and making sure the frame was sturdy and had plywood covering it entirely was to give me the ability to mount shelves and accessories and feel good that it will all stay in place.

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