Peach Rhubarb Pie Ale

Kegging Rhubarb Peach PieFinally kegged the Peach Rhubarb Pie Ale I made. The base of the recipe is a Belgian style Quad using 12 lbs of Malt Extract 1/2 Pils Light and 1/2 wheat and some specialty grains to include biscuit and crystal malt. I used some fuggel hops and a cinnamon stick in the bittering side of the boil and two additional cinnamon sticks with elder flower and berries on the flavor and aroma side. At the very last few minutes I added 12oz of honey into the mix. The goal was to make a brew to have a graham cracker like taste. This was then fermented using a large Trappist (or now called Monastery by white labs, WLP-500) yeast starter. I actually brewed a Belgian blonde prior to this brew just to use the yeast bed (This brew had an OG of 1.100).

In secondary I made a peach rhubarb slurry adding 9 lbs of puree and 4 lbs of chopped up rhubarb one cup of cain sugar. This was added into secondary split across two 5.5 gallon carboys and split a pack of west coast ale yeast between the two to help ferment down the rest of the sugars. I let this sit for about two weeks and siphoned out leaving most of the sludge on the bottom the two batches filling a 6 gallon carboy. I let this age for about 3 months, cold crashing it for about a week in my garage (it’s in the upper 30s Fahrenheit). I tasted a glass that I poured coming out of the carboy and I like the flavor, it has a tart peach flavor with some hints of cinnamon (just like I wanted). Can’t wait to try it carbonated!

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