Salmon Fishing Pulaski NY

Well took a trip last week (Sept 28- Oct 1, two days of fishing) to Pulaski NY with the Pops to try our luck at salmon fishing. We have been going there on and off for the last 7 years. This trip was a bit of a bust on the catching fish side of things; we tried a few new location up stream from our normal location, we use to fish at the Douglaston Salmon Run (DSR) which is close to the mouth of the river. Even though we didn’t catch any fish we had a great time hanging out and trying.

Big problem this year was timing, since we do not live in the area we have to plan for a trip in advance and sometimes the weather is not in our favor like this time. The area did not have much rain and the water levels were low and warm. It is best when the river is flowing cold water, the fish tend to want to come up from the lake when the water is a similar temperature of their normal environment (roughly 52-58°F). We tried different areas this year mainly due to the DSR having long hikes to the river that my Dad would have problems and their prices went up quite a bit over the years.

We also tried a new place to stay this year and loved it, it provided direct access to the river that made fishing more accessible for my father. We stayed at the Steelhead lodge, they are a perfect setup for the fisherman, and being a lodge provide breakfast and a really nice dinner. They also have a smoke house on property that provides pretty good BBQ, and believe can smoke your fish for you. They have ample space and locations inside and outside to lounge around after a long day of fishing. The staff was friendly and helpful.

From past trips, so yes we can catch fish and have (across a few different years):

Locations Fished and things to check out

For entertainment we always make a visit to down town and watch people fishing from the bridge, crazy how stacked people get. The lady that ran the Yankee Fly shop use to keep people in check and / or off her property, but since she closed everyone has moved back in.

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  1. I am truly grateful to my nephew for all the time and love he shows my brother, his father. Fishing is a large part of his life and it isn’t the catching that is the main enjoyment but the being outdoors with the ones we meet, the ones we care about. It is always great joy to talk about the monster one that got away. Keep fishing brother!😃😉

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